Cooking Oil Supply, Collection, Deep Fryer Cleaning and Recycling 

We offer a complete turnkey oil solution from the supply of new oils, maintenance, cleaning all the way through to recycling.

Our premium cooking oils (including canola, blended vegetable oil, sunflower, olive oils and many others) are perfect for various culinary needs, from deep frying to salads. Our oils are supplied in a convenient 20L oil drum or box so you can say goodbye to bulk oil tanks. 

Why you should use 20L oil drums or boxes over bulk oil tanks:

  • Remove the uncertainty about the oil’s quality and origin.
  • Mitigates the risk of cross-contamination.
  • No need to undertake tank cleaning.
  • Avoids the mixing of old and new oil which compromise freshness.
  • Limited visibility into oil levels.
  • Easier to store in small spaced and move as required.

Our 20-litre oil containers offer freshness, clear labelling, and convenience and come in various oils (excluding palm oils and tallow). If you however still need bulk drums, we can supply them too.

We provide used cooking oil collection and recycling. We’ll collect and process the oil for eco-friendly reuse including biofuel, animal feeds and other responsible methods.

For hassle-free fryer maintenance, our trained professionals clean and refill fryers, reducing risks and downtime. Additionally, our filtration options save time and oil.

Trust Total Exhaust Cooking Oil Solutions for top-quality oils, maintenance, and sustainability.

Deep Fryer Cleaning

Deep fryer cleaning is time consuming and can be an OHS risk due to the hot oil,  let us take the hassle out of cleaning. The last thing many clients  want to do at the end of the night is clean their own fryers. The risks of your staff burning themselves handling hot oils is extremely high.

Let our trained professionals take care of this task for you!

Our process includes

  • Draining used cooking oil
  • Cleaning of fryers and removal of any food scraps and build up.
  • Top up your fryers with clean oil
  • No mess, no fuss!
  • Less OH&S risks for your staff handling hot oils.

We also offer a unique oil filtration system which enhances the longevity of your cooking oil

Our clients include food manufacturing facilities, supermarkets, aged care facilities, pubs, clubs and cafes.

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