HACCP Certified Cleaners

TECC prides itself in being a HACCP approved cleaning company.

Our status as an HACCP Certified Supplier gives you peace of mind that your premises are cleaned and maintained to the highest standards and with full compatibility with your own HACCP cleaning program.

About HACCP Cleaning

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points and is used across Australia and internationally as the best-practice standard for safer food production. It has been adopted by the World Health Organization as the most effective means for controlling food-borne illness.

In short, the HACCP system includes a series of procedures to control the processes and sensitive points in the food chain, with the ultimate goal being the promotion of safe practices and reduction of risk throughout the food production chain. HACCP cleaning processes embody the seven principles of HACCP, from hazard analysis through to establishment of control points, monitoring, correction, verification and reporting.

Reduce your risk in more ways than one

The HACCP system also protects food service providers from potential negative publicity. Consumer claims, justified or unjustified, can be reduced in number and addressed effectively if they do occur through adoption of an HACCP program that is fully documented in the form of well-maintained HACCP records.

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We’re a HACCP certified cleaning company, ensuring excellence and compliance in cleaning for all food service providers.

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We’re based in Sydney, and can cater for businesses across multiple locations throughout NSW and around Australia as required.

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